Unearthing Treasures: A Lifetime of Collecting and Reselling Unique Finds

The Beginning of a Journey

Welcome to Gopher Broke Antiques, where a world of extraordinary treasures awaits you! Since opening our doors in 1968, we have been dedicated to curating a collection of rare and interesting objects from all corners of this great land. What started as a small shop in Boston, Georgia, has blossomed into a lifelong passion and business venture.

For over five decades, we have scoured the country, seeking out hidden gems and forgotten relics. From vintage furniture and quirky collectibles to one-of-a-kind artwork and antique jewelry, our inventory is a testament to the rich history and diverse culture of America.

A Pleasure and a Pain

As any seasoned collector knows, this business is a delicate dance of pleasure and pain. The thrill of stumbling upon a long-lost treasure is incomparable, but the challenges of buying, restoring, and reselling can be equally daunting. However, it’s a labor of love that we wouldn’t trade for anything.

Each item that enters our shop has a story to tell—a piece of the past waiting to be discovered and cherished by a new owner. Whether it’s a vintage typewriter that once belonged to a famous writer or a piece of folk art crafted by an unknown artist, our collection is a testament to the beauty and diversity of our nation’s history.

Retirement? Not for Passionate Collectors!

Some people may dream of retiring to a life of leisure, but for those of us who are truly passionate about collecting and reselling, retirement is not in the cards. Our love for this business burns brighter with each passing year, and we couldn’t imagine a life without the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures.

So here we are, continuing to buy and sell the finest goods that this country has to offer. Our inventory is ever-evolving, always keeping up with the trends and demands of our discerning clientele. From avid collectors to interior designers, our doors are open to anyone seeking that perfect piece to complete their vision.

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