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: I have been helping build my family’s homes and barns since i was five years old. I have always been in love with skilled trades and construction. I used to build custom homes with my family specializing in the ADA compliant homes for people with special needs and handicaps. From the early 90’s i did side work remodels, maintenance, and renovation but not under a legitimate company just did it for spare money and to help the people that couldn’t afford the big outfits. I stopped working for myself in 2014 as people started to get sewhappy and expect work for nothing. I did it to protect myself.


I have managed Properties professionally for multiple companies for over a decade as well. One of the companies was Mckinley Property management who was at one time a Fortune 500 company who were bold enough to guarantee financial institutions who repossessed apartment communities that they could take a commercial apartment community from in the red and beat up to fully renovated and fully rented with a six month waiting list in 365 days! I managed the contractors and the in house staff to make this happen.

I don’t sugar coat things, I tell it how it is and I will be honest with them. Too many companies out there want to tell you what you want to hear to make you happy. As I see it the problem is I can smell their BS from a mile away, as I’m sure most people can. I appreciate honesty over anything, and feel most people do. A good example: I worked for an employer that would reschedule people claiming vehicle trouble or a sick employee to send me to a job for someone entitled in a hurry to make them happy because they were a business owner or someone who thought they were important enough to not wait months for an appointment like everyone else. This is not how to run a business! It is first come first serve. I don’t care who you are, how rich you are, or any other justification. If you schedule a job with me before someone else you take precedence. I love it when people say we are in a hurry, so is everyone. If you’re in that much of a hurry i will normally tell them that i have other clients, as does everyone else and i’m not jumping people in line, don’t like it ? take your business elsewhere ! lol

"The Honest Choice"

My story and meaning are very simple. I don’t aspire to be rich, all i want is to make a comfortable living helping people get their projects done while saving them a bunch of money.

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Steve Hegedus II



Fully Licensed and Insured #1000000
I used to build custom homes with my family specializing in the ADA compliant homes for people with special needs and handicaps.
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